Living Multi-Generational


Our Tips for Multi- Generational Living

Multi-Generational Living (MGL) is not for the faint of heart, it takes work and dedication and trust to dwell with your parents, in-laws and even your own children.

Do we do all these things in our own home? Alas, we do not. But we need to strive to everyday. As human beings go, we give up too easily on things. If it doesn’t come easy, then why do it at all? Because, when we work hard at something and work even harder at it as a team, we achieve pride in knowing that we succeeded where others could not.We have succeeded as a family. Do we all get along 24/7? Nope. Do we all find joy in each others company? Nope, but we have a tighter bond than most families. I also think that something we have more of than most families these days in reliance on one another. We always have each others backs.

  • Have designated jobs that are your own or to your family unit.             Dean is the main person to mow the yard and I cook supper most of the time.
  • Have a place for your family to stretch out and relax together.                 For us and our kids, it’s the sitting area in our bedroom.
  • Always be ready to help someone, even at a moments notice.
  • Don’t be selfish of your time. Everyone needs a lending hand or ear.
  • Make practical use of your own space. I.e. before Mr. E was born, my desk was in our bedroom and we moved in out to make room for his bed.
  • Give allowances for bad days, moments and the fact that you can’t read each others’ minds.
  • Be prepared to downsize your things. Is there really a reason to have 2 blenders and  3 Crockpots™? No, not really.
  • Take responsibility for your own things and for others too.
  • Most importantly, learn how to have fun as an entire family and the same with your family unit.

In today’s world, reliance is horribly rare to come by. I was raised to be honest, truthful, and to keep your word. Dean and I are teaching our children to be the same. I realize that not everyone was raised with a great support system like Dean and I were, so we try not to take it for granted either. All I know is that we want to raise our children with the same absolute love and steadfastness that our families raised us with.

Do you live in a MGL home?

Do you want to live a MGL lifestyle?

Winner, Winner but it’s not a chicken dinner!

Over the weekend I played a game that my Thirty – One consultant posted on facebook. I played along with several other ladies. I didn’t realize that there would be a prize just someone in the end who guessed correctly.

I was the winner!  I was in shock when I checked my facebook notifications 8 hrs after she announced the winner!


I am the proud owner of a Fashion Week Jewell by Thirty – One.

My consultant Danielle said its a retired bag now but that doesn’t matter to me at all. It’s even more special to me because a) I NEVER win anything and b) it’s something I wouldn’t buy for myself because of the cost. I love buying Thirty-One products but I don’t get to very much due to having a tight budget. So this was like having an early birthday present. Thank you again Danielle !

This is a very cute bag. It has three pockets on the outside and one more right under the flap to the main section. It has two little open pockets inside, then there are little flaps with snap on them where you can purchase additional pockets that snap into it for more storage. Can’t wait to carry this on a date night!


Danielle will also be my first featured small local business owner which will be later this week.


Where did the summer go?

Summer 2015
Summer 2015

This year has flown by very quickly. I really don’t know where to begin, so let’s start with the fact that the summer is almost over. I planned on taking Miss J to the pool several times and we only got to go once, I planned on cleaning the upstairs on of our house but that has only happened very little, I planned on taking loads of donations to the thrift store and I’ve only taken a small load in once all summer.

     Why is it we plan on doing so much with our time and so little of it get accomplished? I know I’m not the only one that happens to. I won’t be able to put things off for much longer. We are expecting our second child in January and as the old saying goes ” ya gotta make hay while the sun shines.” And I haven’t been making hay, just chasing myself in circles. I planned on getting so much stuff reorganized and rearranged in the house by now. But its hard to when your helper is four and loves to ”help”, when your adult help goes back to work next week, when your on a 15 lbs weight lift limit and your whole entire upstairs needs rearranged like yesterday.

So here is my plan;

Miss J’s room; Take out her toddler bed/crib and exchange it for her twin bed, Paint the twin bed frame, Make some toys disappear, Overall rearrange the lay out of her room

Our Room; Put totes of book and things away in attic or loft, Put my desk, computer and book case in the adjoining room, Donate clothes and such that haven’t been used in a while,Rearrange the entire room and bring the crib.

This does not include the many totes of clothes and baby things that need to be gone through after we find out the gender of the baby. Or the fact that there is a quilt for Miss J sitting in pieces on my desk that I would love to finish before baby arrives.  But somehow I know it will all get done. One way or another

So tell me what would your number one recommendation for someone in my spot ? I’m open to ideas and suggestions!

About Me

        A little about me I’m a child of the eighties but I know nothing of them. I was born and raised in rural Ohio. I am a tomboy by nature but wear lipstick by choice. I am a pastors kid, 4-H alumni, dog lover and a sorta kinda knitter. In 2010 I married the love of my life! In April of 2011 our everlasting honeymoon gift was born. We live in a multi-generational home full of love and quirks but it works!

            Since 2010 so many things have taken place in our lives. Living boundlessly is how we do things in our house. There is nothing we haven’t done or can’t do.  Between all the adults in this house we can, cook a four course meal, show dogs, change oil, change diapers, build anything we set a mind too, rebuild motors, talk logistics of a small business, canning and most importantly share our love for Jesus Christ!  My topics are endless and I hope you stick around to enjoy them and engage in conversation about them.  – Bethany

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Hello world!

Its seems today we live in a world full of news, pinterest, blogs, crafting and what ever else you can think of. And just like everyone else in this world some days I like reading a little of everything. My husband and I used to have another blog to which I loved but we could never get to sit down and collaborate on it. I decided that I would create this for me and other mommy’s out there like me. I know I’m not the only one 🙂 I am the wife of a VERY  loving and wonderful man, the mother to a rambunctious 4 yr old girl and we’re expecting #2 in January. I hope to cover many topics with you and I hope you can give me more topics to chat about as well.

Till we meet again, Bethany